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Feng shui tips for business 


  • Display your cashier or your working place in your Sheng Qi position. Sheng Qi position is the best location for your success and wealth. You can click the Feng Shui Tool to find out your Sheng Qi position;



  • Displaying one water fountain in the north position of your shop or store.  Or display it in the right side of your store (right side is the right hand side when you are walking into your business).  In addition, put one Dragon statue near to the water fountain to enhance its power;


  • Display money frogs at the corner of the business facing the main door to bring wealth;



  •  One Kuan Kong statue in your store facing the main door to protect your business;

  • Once you think your place is too quiet, hang wind chime in the hall way or entrance;


  • Some people also hide one pi yao somewhere (the mouth of the Pi Yao should be facing outside), or display fish in the entrance or outside;



  • Front door and back door cannot be in one line. Chi is better to flow curly into the business;


  • The door of the bathroom cannot face the main door or the cashier. The position for the bathroom is better in the Huo Hai position.



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