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Activate Tao Hua position



What is Tao Hua?

Tao Hua is like the flying star that is in charge of love and relationship. Tao Hua is in different position for different people. The location of Tao Hua is according to a person’s Chinese zodiac sign. For someone seeking for friend or lover, it is better to activate Tao Hua.



How to activate Tao Hua?

There are a lot of ways to activate it. The easy and efficient way is using a vase filled with fresh water and live flowers and displaying that vase in Tao Hua position for 3 months. Make sure to keep it clean and fresh all the time, change it if needed.



Where is my Tao Hua position?


Tao Hua position is based on your Chinese Zodiac sign. The positions are as follows:

Zodiac Rat sign: in the West 

Zodiac Ox sign: in the South

Zodiac Tiger sign: in the East

Zodiac Rabbit sign: in the North

Zodiac Dragon sign: in the West

Zodiac Snake sign: in the South

Zodiac Horse sign: in the East

Zodiac Sheep sign: in the North

Zodiac Monkey sign: in the West

Zodiac Rooster sign: in the South

Zodiac Dog sign: in the East

Zodiac Boar sign: in the North



What color of vase do I need?

Zodiac Rat sign: white color

Zodiac Ox sign: red color

Zodiac Tiger sign: green color

Zodiac Rabbit sign: blue color

Zodiac Dragon sign: white color

Zodiac Snake sign: red color

Zodiac Horse sign: green color

Zodiac Sheep sign: blue color

Zodiac Monkey sign: white color

Zodiac Rooster sign: red color

Zodiac Dog sign: green color

Zodiac Boar sign: blue color



Other useful tips and items to improve love relationship is at Feng Shui for Love.


Happy Kissing Couple


If you are not sure what zodiac sign you are, you can use Chinese Zodiac Signs Calculator Tool to find out.




Source of article:   Feng Shui Import


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