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 Feng Shui Colors 


Colors have an important role in feng shui.  They are used to represent the Five Elements as follows:


Metal – gold, white and silver

Water – black, grey and blue
Wood – green
Fire – red, pink and purple
Earth – yellow and brown 

The creation cycle of the Five Elements is:  Metal → Water, Water → Wood, Wood → Fire, Fire → Earth, and Earth → Metal.  The reverse cycle will produce weakening effect. 

In addition, there is also the counteraction cycle:  Metal breaks Wood, Wood cuts into Earth, Earth absorbs Water, Water puts out Fire, and Fire melts Metal.

Knowledge of above cycles can help us to choose the right color for the right place so as to balance the Five Elements. For example, we can use yellow or brown color to enhance Earth Element.  However, if there is too much Earth Element, we can choose gold, white and silver to weaken it.

When choosing colors for the different locations in our house, we need to know the relationship between the Five Elements and the directions, which are as follows:


North – Water Element

South – Fire Element

East – Wood Element

West – Metal Element

The Creation Cycle, Weakening Cycle and Counteraction Cycle of the Five Elements can provide some guidelines in the choice of colors.  For example, gold, white and silver (Metal Element) should be avoided on the East (Wood Element) as Metal destroys Wood.

Most calamities were said to arise from imbalance of the Five Elements.  Therefore, using the right color in the right place can help to balance the Five Elements, which in turn, can lessen conflicts and enhance harmony. 
In addition, colors can act as feng shui cures for bad qi.


Source of article:  Feng Shui Import



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