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Feng Shui Mirrors

Mirrors can be used as feng shui enhancers.  Mirrors in the right positions can create excellent feng shui. Using mirrors to reflect good luck symbol to enhance auspicious energy. For example, placing one mirror in your crowded shop can make your shop “bigger” and “double” your customers.


Mirrors can be used as feng shui remedies.  Placing mirrors in the walls of the missing corners can fix the missing corners and balance the uncompleted shape. Make sure not to let the mirrors face the door, hallway, stairs or toilets. Mirrors also can be wrapped around the columns to block the “Sha Chi” generated from the columns.


Mirrors can be used as feng shui cures. Mirrors can reflect bad chi back to its original. If your house faces the street, electric pole or something sharp corners, hanging one feng shui mirror above the main door is the excellent cures to it. Remember not to display mirror directly in the back or side of your bed. Mirror in the back or side of your bed will let you feel unsafe and like in hypnosis sometimes.


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