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Feng Shui Tips for Home

1. Running water in feng shui signifies wealth. Activating your water feature can enhance your money luck. Water fountain is better in the right side of the main door when you walk in;

2. If your main door directly facing road, hang one convex Bagua mirror above the main door and place some trees or plants near to the main door to block some bad energy . However don’t put them directly in the center of the main door;

3. Don’t let sharp edges or protruding corners point to your house;

4. Toilet directly over the main door will bring bad luck;

5. Kitchen in the center of the house will cause bad temper;

6. Pair of Fu Dog in front of your house guard against bad energy into your house;

7. Three God (Fuk Luk Sau) in your living room bring luck of harmony, wealth and health;

8. Place one dragon statue near the water features, such as water fountain to bring achievement, fame and power;

9. Big animal statues will be in the living room. They will disturb your sleeping if you display them in the bed room.

Source of article:  Feng Shui Import

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