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Feng shui tips for protections


  • Displaying one pair of Fu Dogs at home is always good for guarding your house;


  • If your main door faces somewhere that can generate bad chi which point to your house, such as the sharp roof, electric pole, street or hospital, you can hang one Convex Bagua mirror, Wu Lou or Coin Sword above the main door;



  • Guan Gong is the protector of the politicians and business. Displaying Guan Gong at work will give you powerful protections;


  • Pi yao can ward off the bad chi as well as they can bring extra money luck. Pi yao also can counter the Tai Sui.  For one who is against Tai Sui, it is recommended to carry Tai Sui Talisman or Tai Sui Amulet;


  • Pagoda Wind chime can suppress down the bad energy.  You can hang one there if you think that location can generate the bad chi;


  • Carrying some feng shui amulets with you, such as the brass mirror, Four Heavenly King Protection Amulet, etc;


  • Avoiding to do any construction in the locations where Tai Sui is sitting or facing. Doing any constructions in those area will offend Tai Sui. The location of Tai Sui changes every year. 



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