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Reflect Your Personality With Feng Shui

Author: Christopher Byrnes

Feng shui is a very flexible art that allows you a lot of room to express your own personality and style. With feng shui, you can follow ancient principles that help you create balance and harmony in your environment while still retaining your taste and the integrity of a room's atmosphere. Feng shui brings out the best in the design choices you have already made by improving the flow of energy in a space. Feng shui techniques are not difficult to practice, and they can help you be better able to appreciate the beauty that already exists in your home by uncovering the potential for peace and harmony that is hidden within every space.

Feng shui works well within any other design scheme because it blends seamlessly into whatever kind of atmosphere you are trying to create in a space. This is one reason why feng shui is appropriate in a wide variety of settings. Because feng shui does not have a strict, dominant look like other aesthetic schools do, you can streamline any space from your office to your bathroom to your bedroom according to feng shui principles without having to change the basic design scheme at all. It is possible, for example, to practice feng shui in a Victorian-style romantic bedroom, or in a sleek office setting that has a contemporary feel. Feng shui is not about the specifics of how things should look, it is about optimizing energy flow and visual harmony, so you can use it in any room of any style.

Feng shui lets you create a new feeling for any area of your home without taking over your personal style, because in feng shui you get to use the objects you already have in order to create new, more harmonious arrangements. For example, feng shui often makes suggestions about incorporating certain colors, like scarlet, in specific areas of a room, but you can use almost any item of that color to make the feng shui decorating scheme work. This means that all you have to do is search your home's inventory for anything that has scarlet, whether it is a vase, a pillow, a hanging picture, or even an attractive hardcover book, and move it to the right area. Feng shui teaches you to use what you have right now to better effect.

The fact that feng shui can lend extra power to the design choices you've already made means that feng shui is a great way to amplify how your setting reflects your taste. Feng shui reflects your personality at every step of the process from planning to the end result. Feng shui can help you bring out the best in your space, and in yourself. When you utilized feng shui to charge your environment with positive energy, you will be making sure that you and your unique style shine their brightest.

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