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Some Fundamental Feng Shui Principles


Author : Louis Kwok 


Using feng shui fundamentals in the house need not be that complicated. There are several ways in which this traditional practice may be used to make the home flow with positive power or chi. Here are several of the fundamental feng shui strategies that you have to know and could effortlessly apply to make your home and also your daily life full of positive chi.


Sunlight and Air flow


To fill your dwelling with good chi, you may have to have high quality air and also sunlight. In feng shui, it is thought that chi flows through through the help of air and natural light. For this reason, it is necessary to use these two elements to ensure that your house flows with positive chi. To allow the positive chi into your house, you should open the windows frequently to let natural air into the house.

You could also utilize air cleaning plants and flowers or an air purifier in your house to guarantee that the air is always clean and pure. Also try to allow as much day light into your dwelling to allow good chi to fill your residence.


Unclutter Your Dwelling


Clutter is a recognised obstruction to the flow of energy. It can have an impact on overall health and the overall levels of energy and quality of life. Excessive clutter can drain your power and prevent positive energy from flowing into your home or life. Reducing the clutter can also help reduce the negative load that affects your daily life. By clearing clutter, you will be building a harmonious conditions in your house flowing with positive chi.


Understand Your Feng Shui Birth Element


To understand better how you can use feng shui to attain a certain balance in your life and house, you may need to know your very own birth element. There exists a particular element that corresponds to your year of birth. Knowing what element you're born with could help you decide on exactly what is the best way to achieve that certain balance in feng shui. You may use your feng shui birth element to introduce the different expressions of the element into your dwelling by making use of colors and the balance of the other supplementary elements in your daily life and house.


Know Your Kua


Based on feng shui, every person has his personal kua that corresponds to one's birth date and gender. The kua number also tells of everyone's energy needs. In the school of feng shui called the Flying Stars, individuals may belong in either one of two energy groups- the East or the West. For the East Group, their kua may be 1, 3, 4 or 9.


For all those on the West group, their kua may either be 2,6,7 or 8. You can utilize your kua to determine directions and orientation of structures including your house or the place you face when working so as to ensure positive chi to flow through. These feng shui concepts can help you start off in making your daily life and dwelling flow with good energy.


How Should You Use Feng Shui?


In China, people usually re-design their home when a new year starts. This is why keywords like "Feng Shui 2012" and "2012 Feng Shui" becomes hot keywords in search engines. If you want to have a lucky new year, you should re-design your home at the start of a year.



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