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 Tips for Office Feng Shui 


Find out which directions or locations are auspicious to you, using your personal Kua Number. 


The Kua (or Gua) Number is an integral part of Eight-Mansion (or Pa Chai) Feng Shui.  Each of us has a personal Kua Number, which is calculated based on our birth date and gender. 


The Eight-Mansion Feng Shui classifies people into 2 groups, namely the East Group and the West Group, according to the individual’s  Kua Number.


The East Group Kua numbers are 1, 3, 4 and 9.  Lucky locations are East, South, North and Southeast.


The West Group Kua numbers are 2, 6, 7 and 8.  Lucky locations are West, Southwest, Northwest and Northeast.


(Note:  The No. 5 Kua represents the centre and is treated in a unique way.  For female
having a Kua No. 5, refers to Kua No. 8.  For male, refers to Kua No. 2.


You can click on the Kua Number Calculator to find out your personal Kua Number.


Once you know your best directions or locations in any room or house, make full use of them to maximize your luck, be it at work or at home (e.g. working, studying, sleeping, etc).  This is one of the ways to use feng shui to improve your life. 


  • Always sit with a solid wall behind you.
  • Do not sit at the corners of the desk.
  • Make sure there is no sharp-pointed object pointing at you.
  • Do not sit directly facing the entrance, stairs, mirror, or toilet.
  • In the face of stiff competition, a Guan Gong Statue will be of help.



Source of article:  Feng Shui Import


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