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 What is Five Elements? 



Five Elements is also Called Wu Hang. It is the basic principle of feng shui. Using the theory of 5 Elements can let feng shui balance and enhance our life. It is consisting of Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth Element. The relations of them are as follows:


Metal generates Water; Water generates Wood; Wood generates Fire; Fire generates Earth.


In another way, Water decreases Metal since Metal produces Water; Wood decreases Water since Water produces Wood; Fire decreases Wood since Wood produces Fire; Earth decreases Fire since Fire produces Earth.


5 Elements also have destroying relationship as following: Fire destroys Metal; Metal destroy Wood; Wood destroys Earth; Earth destroys Water and Water destroys Fires.


For example, we can use water or wood element to increase wood element since water generates wood. On the other hand, we can use metal and fire to decrease wood element since metal destroys wood and wood produces fire.


Colors, shapes and materials represent 5 elements.


Colors represent 5 elements: Gold, white and silver represent metal; Black, grey and blue represent water; Green represent wood; Red and pink represent fire; Yellow and brown represent earth.


For instance, we can choose Gold, white and silver to increase water element and choose green color to decrease water.


Shapes are also representing 5 Elements: Round, oval and arch-shaped objects represent metal; wave-shaped and free-flowing objects represent water; rectangle-shaped objects represent wood element; sharp-pointed objects and triangle objects represent fire; square shaped objects represent Earth.


For example, we can use rectangle-shaped objects to increase fire and choose square shaped objects to decrease fire.


In addition, materials are also representing 5 elements: Metals represent metal element; ponds and water fountains represent water element; wood, plants and flowers represent wood element; lighting objects represent fire element; ceramic and porcelain objects represent Earth.


For instance, we can use water fountain to increase wood and use lighting objects to decrease wood.


The followings are examples of the 5 elements: Metal Objects have golden bar, metal rooster and brass wu lou, metal 5 element pagoda, ringing bell with tree of life, etc.  Water objects have water dragon, black charms and blue wave shape hanging, etc.  Wood objects have wooden charms, lucky bamboo and live plants, etc. Fire Objects have Chinese red scroll, red dragon with flaming sword, magic fire wheel and Ksitigarbha Fireball for Displaying, etc.  Earth Objects have porcelain vases, pots and gemstone, etc. 



Source of article:  Feng Shui Import



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