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  What is missing corners in feng shui? 


If the house is not rectangle or square as illustrated in the following picture, it is considered as this house has a missing corner. 

illumination of Missing Corners

Once the house has a missing corner, it implies it is imbalance in the house – something missing in your house. For example, in this case, the NE is missing. The location of NE represents the third son or the youngest son. It also stands for hand and joint, etc. Therefore, people who live in this house will easily get hand or joint’s problems. In addition, the third son, if any, will have all kinds of problems. 


Cure to this missing corner

This location NE belongs to Earth element. The easy and efficient way to cure this missing corner in Northeast is displaying a Dog Figurine in this location (any position in this location from the center point).


You can click Feng Shui Missing Corner for more details. 



Source of article:  Feng Shui Import



Image description