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What is Tai Sui and Sui Po?

Tai Sui, known as the "The Grand Duke of Jupiter" is the emperor that reigns over the annual energy. According to Chinese astrology, every year is generally composed of two different types of energy: earthly chi and heavenly chi. Earthly chi, generally known as twelve zodiacs, is called earthly branch, while heavenly chi is called heavenly stem. There are twelve types of earthly branches and ten types of heavenly stems. The combinations of earthly branches and heavenly stems create the sixty-year cycle and correspondingly, sixty Tai Suis.

For example, the year of 2011 is the year of zodiac Rabbit. The earthly branch is rabbit (Mao is its corresponding Feng Shui terminology), and the heavenly stem is Xin, the ying metal element.

However, when applied to practical usage, Tai Sui is usually referred to a region. For example, in the year of 2011, Tai Sui locates in the east region, which is the house of Zodiac Rabbit. The west region, the direct opposite side of Tai Sui, is the area that is under the shadow of Tai Sui. Thus, the west region is called Sui Po, literally meaning that this place is colliding with Tai Sui.

The simple feng shui cure to appease Tai Sui is displaying one Tai Sui in that area and carrying Tai Sui Amulet for those who is against or side against Tai Sui.


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