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What is Three Killings?

The name of Three Killings is actually the literal translation from a Chinese Feng Shui terminology "San Sha" which refers to a type of ominous energy expressed in the forms of accident, financial loss and illness. Three killings are brought out by the ill-developed energy from one of the four cardinal directions: North (water), East (wood), South (fire) and West (metal).

In Feng Shui practice, the twelve Chinese zodiacs that we generally know are referred as earthly branches. These earthly branches, both individually and in combination, represent different types of element.

One of strongest zodiac combinations is known as "San He" - trinity of harmony. Each zodiac is in harmony with the other two animals that four zodiacs away from it.

For example, the year of 2012 was the year of Dragon. Dragon, Monkey and Rat are in a trinity of harmony, and thus creating a very strong water element due to the leading cardinal water element of Zodiac Rat.


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Consequently, the north region, where Zodiac Rat resides, will have overwhelming water energy. This type of energy is so strong that it rushes directly to its opposite side, causing turbulence of that corresponding region and even the areas that next to that spot. For example, in the year of Zodiac Dragon, the over-developed element, water, is in the north. Hence, the south side is the place Three Killings of the year locates, and fifteen degrees of southeast and fifteen degrees of southwest are also affected.

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The simple feng shui cure to Three Killings is displaying one set of 3 Divine Guardians in that area.

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