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Feng Shui Money Spots 

The Money Spot is one of the feng shui secrets for wealth.  Alternative terms for the Money Spot are
Wealth Spot and Fortune Spot.

There are “Symbolic Fortune Spots” and “Substantial Fortune Spots, as well as “Open Fortune Spots” and “Hidden Fortune Spots”.

Different feng shui schools have different formulae for calculating money spots.  Listed below are 4 kinds of Money Spots in a house, namely: 


(1)  Personal Money Spot (個人財位)

On the Luopan (feng shui compass), there is a ring of Bagua or Eight Trigrams (八 卦) and the 24
Mountains. The eight Bagua represent the eight directions, and each direction is subdivided into three sectors.  Directional divisions are represented by the 24 Mountains (sectors).

The Bagua are Kan ( 坎 ), Kun (坤 ), Zhen ( 震 ), Xun (巽 ), Qian ( 乾 ), Dui (兑), Gen ( 艮 ), and Li (离), representing direction or orientation as follows:

☵    Kan     North

☷    Kun     Southwest

☳    Zhen   East

☴    Xun      Southeast

☰    Qian    Northwest
☱    Dui       West

☶    Gen     Northeast

☲    Li          South


Each Bagua governs three mountains of 15 degrees each, detailed as below:


Kan Trigram - Ren ( 壬 ),  Zi ( 子 ), and Kui ( 癸 ) in the North. 

Zi stands for Rat. 


Money Spot for Rat – North 


Kun Trigram - Wei ( 未 ), Kun ( 坤 ), and Shen ( 申 ) in the Southwest. 

Wei stands for Sheep and Shen Monkey. 


Money Spot for Sheep & Monkey - Southwest 


Zhen Trigram - Jia ( 甲 ), Mao ( 卯 ), and Yi ( 乙 ) in the East. 

Mao stands for Rabbit. 


Money Spot for Rabbit – East 


Xun Trigram - Chen ( 辰 ), Xun (巽 ), and Si ( 巳 ) in the Southeast. 

Chen stands for Dragon and Si Snake. 


Money Spot for Dragon & Snake - Southeast 


Qian Trigram - Shu ( 戍 ), Qian ( 乾 ), and Hai ( 亥 ) in the Northwest.

Shu stands for Dog and Hai Pig.


Money Spot for Dog & Pig - Northwest 


Dui Trigram - Geng ( 庚 ), You ( 酉 ), and Xin ( 辛 ) in the West. 

You stands for Rooster.


Money Spot for Rooster – West 


Gen Trigram - Chou ( 丑 ), Gen ( 艮 ), and Yin (寅 ) in the Northeast.

Chou stands for Ox and Yin Tiger. 


Money Spot for Ox & Tiger – Northeast 


Li Trigram - Bing ( 丙 ),  Wu ( 午 ), and Ding ( 丁 ) in the South. 

Wu stands for Horse. 


Money Spot for Horse - South


(2)  Yearly Money Spot  (流年財位)

The Yearly Money Spot is based on the Xuan Kong Flying Stars (玄空飞星).  The No. 8 White Zuo Fu Star (八白左辅星), which is the Wealth Star, flies to a different location every year.

The location where the Wealth Star is during the year will be the Yearly Money Spot.  In 2012, the No. 8 Star is in the West.


The Flying Stars are also known as Nine Palaces Flying Stars (九宫飞星) and Purple White Flying Stars (紫白飞星).

(3)  Symbolic Money Spot (象征性财位)


It is a common practice to consider the corner diagonally opposite the main door as the Money Spot.  This type of Money Spot is termed “Symbolic Money Spot” and belongs to the “Open Money Spot” category because of its conspicuous location.

If there are walls on both sides of the entrance, then there will be two wealth corners.

As prosperous chi is supposed to accumulate at such corner, the wealth corner should be formed by two solid walls.  There should be no door, window or opening at this location.

 (4)  Eight-Mansion Purple White Money Spots (八宅紫白財位)

In order to determine the Money Spots under this system, the trigram for the property has to be first established.

The house trigram is based on the sitting direction of the property.  For example, if the house sits on South, the house trigram will be “Li”, and the house is a “Li Mansion” (离宅).

The Money Spots are then calculated according to the type of mansion and the auspicious
Purple White Flying Stars.  These Money Spots are considered “Substantial Money Spots” and come under the “Hidden Money Spots” category.

Listed below are the Wealth Spot locations for the eight types of mansions:
Kan Mansion (坎宅)   

Facing direction - South

Sitting direction - North

Fortune Spots:  Southwest & North

Kun Mansion (坤宅)
Facing direction - Northeast 

Sitting direction - Southwest
Fortune Spots:  East & Southwest 

Zhen Mansion (震宅)

Facing direction - West

Sitting direction - East

Fortune Spots:   East & North

Xun Mansion (巽宅)

Facing direction - Northwest

Sitting direction - Southeast

Fortune Spots:   Southeast & Southwest 

Qian Mansion (乾宅)

Facing direction - Southeast

Sitting direction - Northwest

Fortune Spots:   West, Northwest & North
Dui Mansion (兑宅)

Facing direction - East

Sitting direction - West

Fortune Spots:  South, Southeast & Northwest 

Gen Mansion (艮宅)

Facing direction - Southwest

Sitting direction - Northeast

Fortune Spots:   Northeast & Northwest 

Li Mansion (离宅)

Facing direction - North
Sitting direction - South

Fortune Spots:  Northeast & South

Enhancement of Wealth Spots

Having located the various Money Spots, the next step is to harness them to enhance wealth for
your household.  There are many feng shui wealth enhancers for this purpose, which include three-legged money frog, pi yao, dragon-turtle, chi lin, etc.



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