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Feng Shui Flying Star 2016 - FengshuiMall.com


Feng shui tips for attaining good health & longevity 




  • One bad harmful energy caused by Five Yellow can bring sickness, disputes and other problems.  Displaying one 5 Element Pagoda in the location of where the Flying star 5 Yellow locates. 






  • Besides of Wu Lou, displaying some symbols that have the meanings of longevity at home can bring healthy energy. These symbols are turtle statues, sau statuejade peaches and crane birds, Fu Shou Tao, etc. This is the reason that Chinese people like to display Sau, Turtles or Crane Birds at home;


  • Ling Tzi Ru Yi is also a very powerful feng shui item to prevent sickness.



Useful feng shui products for good health



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