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Feng shui applications of wu lou gourd


Wu lou (葫芦) is a powerful feng shui enhancer and cure because of its rich symbolism, relating to health, longevity, wealth, etc.  It is the Chinese name for the bottle gourd or calabash and is also known as Hu lu or Wu lu.


Those who are interested to know where the gourd derived its various symbols are recommended to read an article on the symbolism of the gourd.


Feng shui applications of gourd


The wu lou gourd can be used in numerous ways, such as:


•         To absorb illness energies


Display two copper gourds on either side of the bed of the sick person, to diminish the sickness qi and aid in recovery.


Also, locate the Wu Wang (Five Yellow) Star and # 2 Illness Star, which can cause illnesses or injuries.  Place a ‘Anrenshui’ (安忍水) wu lou at where the two stars are.  Anrenshui is said to be a potent salt water cure for the afflictions.  Alternatively, use metal gourds as the Earth Element of the sickness-related stars can be exhausted by the Metal Element.


The Wu Wang Star is located at Southeast while the # 2 Illness Star is at North for the year 2012.

  • To enhance health luck

Tien Yi (天医) is the Health Star, according to Ba Zha Feng Shui.  Enhance your personal health luck by displaying a copper wu lou in your bedroom’s Tien Yi location.


To enhance the health luck of the household, put a copper wu lou in the living room’s east sector as the East is the general health luck corner, based on the Eight Life Aspirations School of Feng Shui.


•         To disperse bad luck 


When having bad luck, carry a small black obsidian or black onyx gourd to engage the surrounding bad qi.  Since it absorbs harmful qi, the stone gourd must be cleansed regularly.


Another option is to display the stone gourd or copper gourd at the place where you spend most of the time.


•         To reduce ill effects of overhead beam


There are inauspicious energies coming downwards from the overhead beam.  If you spend a long period underneath an overhead beam (sitting, studying or sleeping), sickness or relationship problems may arise.


Of course, the best solution is to reposition the chair or bed to avoid the overhead beam.  However, this is not always feasible due to space constraints. So the feng shui cure is to hang a natural dried gourd (or wood gourd) at the overhead beam to neutralize the harmful effects.

  • To enhance wealth luck

Display a copper gourd on the wall or table at your personal wealth location.


Choose a gourd that has good-luck, good fortune and blessings motifs.  As an example is the gourd with deers and cranes images. The deers signify wealth and prosperity while the cranes herald longevity.

  • To improve marital relationship

Hang a wood gourd or copper gourd at the headboard of the bed to enhance marital harmony.  The wu lou should preferably have a pair of cranes as it symbolizes a harmonious and blissful marriage.

  • To increase fertility

Stress can result from infertility problem and can lead to a breakup in marriage.  Consider putting a copper wu lou at the headboard of the bed, because the seeds of the gourd imply fertility.


A wu lou with the imprints of many children, pomegranate, or lotus seeds will be ideal as all these are symbols of abundance in offsprings.


(Note: Incidentally, qi lin and pi yao are also good cures for fertility problems.)

  • To dissipate sha qi

A house facing police station, prison, hospital, cemetery, funeral parlour, butchery, public toilet and garbage dump will be affected by the sha qi (negative energies) from these structures.


Hang a natural dried wu lou (or wood wu lou) on top of the window or door that is facing the sha qi.

  • To lessen traffic collision hazard

Display a gourd in your vehicle of transport.  Dangle a mini yellow jade wu lou or black-coloured wu lou at the car’s rear vision mirror, or the handlebars of scooters, bicycle and motorcycle.  This is for protection against malevolent qi from causing accidents. 

  • To be given as a gift

Rich in symbolism, the wu lou is an ideal gift for both young and old. The gift can be a gourd of any materials but should preferably have some of the auspicious symbols relating to good health, wealth and longevity.


Wide variety of wu lou gourds


There is a great variety of gourds, catering to different feng shui problems.  These include the natural dried gourds and gourds produced out of metal (such as brass and copper), wood, ceramic, jade, zisha clay and crystal stones (e.g. adventurine, yellow jasper, black obsidian, black onyx, etc).  Some gourds are plain.  Others have auspicious motifs, mantras or talismans on them.


For enhancing health and longevity, choose metal gourds that are carved or embossed with icons of bagua, ‘shou’ (寿) symbol, cranes, deers, Chinese herbs, Eight Immortals or the spiritual tools of the Eight Immortals. 


For wealth, prosperity and blessings enhancement, use gourds that are decorated with auspicious symbols and ancient coins.


Many of the gourds are designed to serve as both a health enhancer and a wealth enhancer.



1.      Metal Element may not be favourable for some people, from the Bazi perspective.  For such cases, minimize the use of metal gourds by substituting them with other suitable types of gourds, whenever possible.

A red ribbon is usually tied around the gourd to strengthen its effect.  However, this should best be avoided if the gourds are to be placed at the sickness-related stars’ locations, because the Earth Element of the Wu Wang Star and # 2 Illness Star will be enhanced by the Fire Element (red ribbon).

3.      Choose an auspicious date and time for the placement of the gourd.

4.      Always ensure that the wu lou is not tarnished or damaged.

5.      It is generally believed that feng shui items that have been blessed are more potent in their effects.



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